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KHBP is an unmatched opportunity for your business and your people to enjoy the
benefits of working in a first-class location in Amman.

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King Hussein Business Park King Abdullah II St. Building No. 4, 1st Floor
P.O.Box: 139 Amman 11831 Jordan

Our Location

Building on success

The Master Plan leverages the exceptional success of the established Business Park and the landmark King Hussein Medical city (KHMC), presenting a harmonious design that complements the existing context, functionally and visually. The environment will offer an unprecedented opportunity for investment and development, that represents a new era for Amman and the region beyond.


Phasing Strategy

Phase 0 – Brand Expansion through building on the solid foundations of the existing KHBP complex and expansion through infill and periphery development.

Phase I – Brand Reinforcement through linking existing areas to create new brands and attract anchor tenants in expanded sectors.

Phase II – Capitalizing by building on existing development using frontage to attract demand-visibility to show transformation of KHBP.

Phase III and IV- Creating Momentum in line with the projected high demand and be in-leverage value of land.

Phase V– Stabilizing the business and stitching the development to its surrounding.

Master Plan Expansion Video

Immediate Business Opportunities

KHBP Phase0A

Infill buildings 0A-9 buildings

The infill strategy was created in order to begin the first phase of the project to capitalize on the success of development. The infill develop beginnings to expand onKHBP’s existing brand and reputation as a healthy, safe & flexible environment well-rooted and new businesses alike.

KHBP’s modular office building are utilized to strengthen the existing architectural character. Elements of those buildings are also used to inspire the overall architectural character of the entire masterplan to ensure nothing appears odd or out  of place, the building heights also cascades upwards as they move away from the existing KHBP area to maintain harmony across the site.


Specialized medical hub

Jordan is a leading healthcare destination for the Middle East with an increasing demand over the years due to its excellent medical services, high quality standards in healthcare, and competitive treatment costs. The high levels of expertise of its medical community and leading-edge infrastructure and technology, has resulted in numerous international and domestic healthcare accreditations.

The Specialized Medical Hub is inspired by the existing King Hussein Medical City (KHMC), renowned for its specialists and advisers in all areas of medicine, and its competencies at regional and global levels.

Healthcare land-use will be in close proximity to KHMC to capitalize on its success, build on existing infrastructure and connection points, and strengthen the identity of a city-wide healthcare center. This will attract even larger numbers of ‘medical tourists’ to Jordan.

The Specialized Medical Hub will offer plots for hospitals and medical centers, and mixed-use plots to provide clinics, offices, retail, and residential elements, all with state-of-the-art infrastructure. This will be supported by parking, allowing for the sharing of medical facilities when needed, along with public spaces for pedestrian movement and hospitality, and retail facilities. The result will be a premium healthcare destination for local people and medical tourists.

KHBP Hotel-plot

Business Hotel

Plot 0A-10

In contextualization with the surrounding areas, we will respond to the hospitality demand that has arisen due to the limited number of hotels in the direct vicinity of the Business Park.

Transforming an existing office building [GH16] consisting of a basement, 4 floors & roof with a total area of 8,780 sqm to be converted it into a Four or Five-Star Business Hotel that will be operated by a renowned Operator.

It is anticipated that the building will require additional floors to accommodate approximately 200 keys and possibly additional basement floors within the proximity of the site.

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