KHBP is an unmatched opportunity for your business and your people to enjoy the
benefits of working in a first-class location in Amman

Jordan is endowed with a strategic location situated in the heart of the Middle East; uniquely positioned as a regional entry point to North Africa, the GCC and the Levant. Jordan’s distinguished location allows for diversification and expansion into increasingly affluent markets, while trade agreements give Jordan access to a market of more than one billion consumers.

Besides its strategic location, Jordan enjoys political stability, moderation and security in a region prone to potential volatility, led and guided by a visionary leader, His Majesty King Abdullah II, who is dedicated to progressive reforms of political, economic, fiscal, legal and social significance.

Jordan enjoys a sound macro-economy that has fostered an empowering environment for investment. Jordan’s economy is driven by careful planning, legislation, regulations and policy reforms, strong growth potential, and the creation of ideal conditions ripe for business which has led to a surge in foreign investment in Jordan.

Jordan is a free market oriented economy, with outward-oriented economic policies and a private sector led approach. Jordan experienced an ongoing privatization of major state-owned enterprises and implemented significant advances in structural and legal reform.

Jordan’s human capital marks its strongest assest. Training and graduating a generation of highly qualified and talented workforce, from executives to skilled laborers, Jordan invests in its human resources and shapes a competent workforce, while keeping its labor costs the most competitive in the Middle East.

Jordan’s modern infrastructure helps businesses navigate the world more quickly and comfortably, and move their products and services into markets with ease. Additionally, Jordan is a unique tourist destination due to its diverse landscape, historical sites and excellent climate and offers a diverse, tolerant, and family friendly quality of life with all the conveniences of the 21st century, making Jordan a preferred destination and a prosperous haven for business leaders, investors and visitors alike.

For More info, you are kindly requested to visit Jordan Investment Commission website: http://www.jic.gov.jo/portal/en/why-jordan