KHBP is an unmatched opportunity for your business and your people to enjoy the
benefits of working in a first-class location in Amman

"Going into our 2nd year as business park tenants, It is all what a professional business could ask for, and more. Professionalism, flexibility, security, and nothing less than a fully supportive management in an environment which is nothing less than fully dedicated to success." Khaled Salman ; Head of Device Management Practice & Amman Service Operations in SITA  



"Grow is not just a building, it's an ecosystem that nurtures a progressive momentum for success." Tamer Al Masri; Founder- JoBedu


"Very friendly corporate neighborhood full of passion, hard work and willing to make the best community. We at Karabeesh loved the location and space the first minute we walked in, moved in to find a very welcoming & supportive team." Wafa Nabulsi; Founder- Kharabeesh