Jordan’s dynamic and vibrant model business city

Grow Initiative was launched in October 2014 by His Majesty King Abdullah II, as part of his belief in supporting startup initiatives and creative energies of the Jordanian youth to transform them into reality with possible national economical outcome.

A building of 8,000 sqm was dedicated to be the hub of the Jordanian Startups providing them with the right infra structure to support their thoughts and startup projects to develop and grow them into promising startup companies.

Grow success factors:

  • Grow provides a unique working environment.
  • Flexible office spaces capable of expanding:- which include communal offices within practical environment that drives creativity and innovation that can be rented for a day/week/month/or year. Small offices accommodating 3-18 employees, medium sized offices accommodating 30-100 employee.
  • Competitive leasing prices with the flexible leasing contracts.
  • Free Wifi and fast download speed from more than one service provider .
  • Shared meeting rooms and venues suitable for holding events and conferences.
  • Multiple break out rooms and a suitable environment to ignite creativity.
  • A unique interactive eco system that merges startups and networks of trinaers, investors and researchers looking for investment opportunities in startup projects of the same secots of the startup companies.

Targeted sectors:
  • Healthcare And Life Sciences
  • Arabic Digital Content Development
  • Gaming And Mobile Applications
  • Creative Industries
  • Clean Technologies
  • Education
  • Media And Social Media

Grow is the hub of startups at the King hussein Business Park, it also is the hub for:- :
  • I Park- the IT incubator belonging to the Royal Scientific Society
  • Zinc by Zain Telecom that brings together the initiative's and programs under Zain telecoms within their social startup responsibility
  • Big by Orange that provides shared communal spaces and technical support for startups. Supported by Orange Telecoms
  • The Tank By Umniah provides training and equips startups with the right IT technicalities. Powered by Umniah Telecoms.