Jordan’s dynamic and vibrant model business city

Companies operating in KHBP enjoy a competitive business environment capable of attracting local and international investment, coupled with a wide range of business solutions, including financial incentives offered by Jordan’s Investment Law, in addition to competitive real estate prices, a well-educated labor force and lower costs of living.

The Investment Law places the private sector firmly in the lead among developers and operators of mixed-use, educational and high-technology zones in Jordan. Moreover, it provides unprecedented streamlining and quality of service in the delivery of licensing, permits and ongoing procedures necessary for business operations.

The law’s streamlined regulatory framework, whose procedures are in line with leading international practices, guarantees effective implementation of business startup processes. It also provides investors with an improved business environment, including but not limited to:

  • No restrictions on foreign ownership
  • Streamlined business procedures
  • Streamlined licensing for expatriates
  • Streamlined property registration/transfer
  • Flexible labor regulations
  • Improved investor protection and disclosure of company transactions
  • Improved enforcement of intellectual property rights
  • Streamlined customs regulations to speed import/export of products and materials
  • Clear land ownership policy
  • Promote post audits
  • Allowances for the establishment of Free Zones within the bounds of the Development Zones

The Investment Law enhances Jordan’s competitive position, creating a legislative and regulatory environment aimed at facilitation and serving international and Jordanian investors alike.