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King Hussein Business Park Signs an Agreement to Develop Master Plan
King Hussein Business Park Signs an Agreement to Develop Master Plan
Created by Noora on 9/7/2017 5:45:44 AM

King Hussein Business Park and Dar Al-Handasah Sign Agreement to Develop Master Plan

of KHBP Development Area

Spanning an area of 1.4 million sqm


Amman, May 2017 - The Business Park Company – the master developer of King Hussein Business Park Development Area – has signed an agreement with Dar Al-Handasah Consultants (Shair and Partners) to develop the Strategic Conceptual Master Plan for the King Hussein Business Park Development Area. The project, which will span ​​more than 1.4 million sqm in the Jordanian capital, Amman, will include mixed-use development including commercial, hospitality, retail, entertainment and residential. The agreement was inked by Business Park Company’s CEO, Eng. Soud H. Soror, and Dar Al-Handasah’s Director of Operations, Abeer Al Tarawneh.


As part of the agreement, Dar Al-Handasah Consultants will develop and prepare the Strategic Conceptual Master Plan and all related technical, market demand and feasibility studies for the King Hussein Business Park Development Area.


Eng. Soror pointed out that the King Hussein Business Park (KHBP), in its first phase, has succeeded in attracting key international, regional and local companies and startups, thereby fostering its standing as Jordan’s dynamic and vibrant business hub and an incubator of creativity and innovation. Therefore, in keeping up with the scalability of KHBP – which is currently at 100 percent occupancy – and given its ability to attract more investments, it was a timely decision to move forward with the expansion through the preparation of a Strategic Conceptual Master Plan for King Hussein Business Park Development Area, over ​​1.4 million sqm of land.


Eng. Soror added that KHBP’s development would be phased over the coming years in line with the market demand, providing a platform for the future growth and development of Jordan and enhancing its competitiveness in attracting quality investments. Future phases of development will ensure that KHBP will be an active and vibrant urban community, integrating its international-standard office spaces and business environment with mixed-use development.


Eng. Soror reiterated the keenness of KHBP’s management to acquire the services of renowned, competent experts to develop the Strategic Conceptual Master Plan. Accordingly, bids were solicited from key international and local companies and Dar Al-Handasah Consultants – one of the world’s leading international consultancies specialized in project management, supervision, architecture, engineering and planning of key international projects – was selected. Furthermore, D.G. Jones & Partners (ME) Ltd./JORDAN was chosen to represent and act on behalf of the Business Park Company as the Owner Representative and Consultant for the formulation and preparation of the Strategic Conceptual Master Plan.


In turn,  Tarawneh said that this project aims to develop a new, distinguished area of urban attraction that embraces all world-class business facilities within a serviced environment, which draws more local and foreign investments, and enhances the image of Amman as a developed technical and civilized hub, bolstering Jordan’s standing as a sophisticated business environment and a sought-after investment area. Accordingly, Dar Al-Handasah is building on the idea of creating a comprehensive and integrated environment that allows inhabitants to live, work and enjoy, with a special focus on its investment potential and economic feasibility.


According to Tarawneh, the project is divided into three main stages that start with a general analysis of the site, its elements, and opportunities in order to create a preliminary design idea of the nature of the project and its general usages, as well as a study and analysis of the market and its future demands. This will be followed by developing the design idea into the strategic conceptual master plan for the entire development area.