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HMQ Rania Al Abdullah & Founder of Ali Baba Express visit KHBP
HMQ Rania Al Abdullah & Founder of Ali Baba Express visit KHBP
Created by Noora on 5/13/2018 10:28:11 AM

Queen Rania accompanied by the Founder of Alibaba Meets with Jordanian Entrepreneurs at King Hussein Business ParkHussein Business Park


Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, accompanied by Mr. Jack Ma; the founder of the Chinese Alibaba Group, met with a group of startup incubators, Venture Capitals and young Jordanian entrepreneurs in the fields of information technology, software development, e-commerce, ed-tech, gaming, mobile applications and creative industries, during a visit to the King Hussein Business Park (KHBP).


Eng. Soud Soror, CEO of the King Hussein Business Park, presented a brief about the business park being Jordan’s dynamic and vibrant model business city, and its success story in becoming the leading hub for local, regional and international companies, as well as a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship. Mr. Soror also presented KHBP future expansion plans which will include additional office space, healthcare, retail, mixed-use facilities and residential.


During the meeting with the startup incubators and venture capitals, an overview of the dynamic Jordanian entrepreneurship ecosystem was shared, reiterating on the ecosystem players and stakeholder’s role in influencing the development of startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, and their contribution to youth empowerment.


Furthermore, the attendees highlighted the pivotal role played by the incubators, venture capitals and startups funds in providing opportunities for young Jordanians to enable them to transform their ideas into realities and to scale up, through providing financial and technical support, mentorship on access to markets, enhancing local and international competitiveness, access to finance and scalability, which will in turn contribute to job creation and positively impact the national economy.


Mr. Jack Ma, founder of the Chinese Alibaba Group, also met with a group of Jordanian entrepreneurs and shared with them highlights about his journey in establishing his giant business multinational e-commerce, retail, Internet, AI and technology conglomerate and lessons for success and insight from his vast experience.