KHBP is an unmatched opportunity for your business and your people to enjoy the
benefits of working in a first-class location in Amman


King Hussein Business Park (KHBP), in its current phase, has succeeded in attracting key international, regional and local companies and startups reaching a 100% occupancy, thereby fostering its standing as Jordan’s dynamic and vibrant business hub and an incubator of creativity and innovation. Accordingly acting on the high demand by international and local companies to join KHBP, and its ability to attract additional investments to build on the current success story, KHBP is moving forward with the expansion plans through the preparation of a Strategic Conceptual Master Plan for King Hussein Business Park Development Area, over 1.4 million sqm of land, creating a development opportunity of over 3.5 million sqm of a mixed-use work, live, and play city.


KHBP’s development will be conducted over a number of phases over the coming years in line with the market demand, providing a platform for the future growth and development of Jordan and enhancing its competitiveness in attracting quality investments. Future phases of development, will ensure that KHBP will remain an active and vibrant urban community, integrating its international-standard office spaces and business environment with mixed-use development.


The expansion plan will start by solidifying the foundation of the existing King Hussein Business Park to develop gradually and in harmony with the surrounding upon the rest of the phases to a more complementary business environment as the following: -


  • Phase 0- Brand Expansion through building on the solid foundations of the existing KHBP complex and expansion through infill and periphery development.

  • Phase I- Brand Reinforcement through linking existing areas to create new brands and attract anchor tenants in expanded sectors.

  • Phase II- Capitalizing by building on existing development using frontage to attract demand-visibility to show transformation of KHBP.

  • Phase III and IV- Creating Momentum in line with the projected high demand and be in-leverage value of land.

  • Phase V- Stabilizing the business and stitching the development to its surrounding.

Master Plan Expansion Video:

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